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We all remember the Back to The Future hover board

What if I said we could a real working hover board by 2015?

Here at usahoverboards we believe hover board could be created , no longer is it just an elusive concept from mattel but a real flying hover board.


We currently have several HoverBoard concepts in design



1) Water Hoverboard


2)  Magnetic Levitation (our favorite) – I believe we are getting closer to making great strides in science and technology. One thing I believe can become reality by 2015 is a hover board. I’ve been  researching this for a while and its become apparent that we now have more technology then necessary to create a working board, we just need to find the right combination that works. For example: A little known concept is that of the Lenz’s law. If one has an energized electrical coil, one could easily repulse over non magnetic metal as an electric charge will always create a magnetic charge that opposes the charge that created it



3) Airboard Hoverboard – The Hover Jet




4) The Ion Hoverboard


5) Flying Cars

6) Quantum Levitation


7) Hover Skateboards – The Electrostatic Hoverboard


8) *NEW John R.R. Searl Hoverboard


9) *NEW Gyroscope Hoverboard


10) *NEW Lowell Perkins Gravity Theory



11) *NEW Dr. Saxl’s Antigravity Pendulum 



12) *NEW Earth Gravity Distortion


13) *NEW UFO Gravity Analytics


14) *NEW The research of T. Townsend Brown


15) How to make a hoverboard



16) Podkletnov Effect



17) Hutchison Effect


18) Paramagnetic Levitation  – Could it be possible to make a magnetic gas that suspends the hover board ?.
The issue stems from keeping enough ionized air under the board with enough quantity to replace evaporated gas.
Paramagnetism is weak due to thermal movement within the gas only a few particles will stay oriented to the magnetic field,
one solution involves supercooling all particles to absolute zero so that all molecules can be magnetically aligned.