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We all remember the Back to The Future hoverboard

What if I said we could a real working hoverboard by 2015?

Here at usahoverboards we believe hoverboard could be created , no longer is it just an elusive concept from mattel but a real flying hoverboard.


We currently have several HoverBoard concepts in design


1)  Magnetic Levitation (our favorite)

2) Airboard Hoverboard – The Hover Jet


3) The Ion Hoverboard


4) Hover Skateboards – The Electrostatic Hoverboard


5) *NEW John R.R. Searl Hoverboard


6) *NEW Gyroscope Hoverboard


7) *NEW Conspiracy Theory


8) *NEW Lowell Perkins Gravity Theory


9) *NEW Dr. Saxl’s Antigravity Pendulum 


10) *NEW Earth Gravity Distortion


11) *NEW UFO Gravity Analytics


12) *NEW The research of T. Townsend Brown


13) How to make a hoverboard




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